OneNote Password

OneNote Password 10.0

A password recovery tool for OneNote notebooks

OneNote Password is a strong password recovery tool to retrieve forgotten or lost passwords for OneNote files, or known as . one files. This utility can be useful if a user has lost the password to any OneNote file, or someone else has locked the file without authority.

For example, a former employee of an organization may have left the work leaving some important files locked with password. In such situations, OneNote Password can be useful to retrieve those files.

This program is based on a strong algorithm structure, so that it can retrieve passwords even in complex situations, if necessary. It also uses various methods such as Plain Dictionary attacks, Brute-Force attacks, Hybrid Dictionary attacks, and Smart-Force attacks to break through the protection and retrieve necessary keys.

Moreover, this application features an auto mode for the ease of beginners. In short, OneNote Password is a complete package that can help users retrieve password of important OneNote files.